Could it be that Nick Cannon is still feeling some type of way about the one that got away, aka Mariah Carey, his wife from 2008 until 2014 -- or, actually, they're still technically married, even though Carey is engaged to another man, Australian billionaire James Packer. That wedding won't happen until Cannon signs the papers to complete their divorce once and for all, and according to TMZ, he refuses to do just that. 

Carey has apparently been trying to get Cannon to sign off on the papers for almost a year, but Cannon has repeatedly declined to make the divorce official, reports a source close to both of the former spouses. The rumor is surprising, considering that it was Cannon who filed for divorce in the first place. After the filing, they managed to strike a property settlement as well as a joint custody arrangement involving their five-year-old twins. 

As matters of custody and finances are thought to be totally settled, it's unclear why Cannon won't move forward to officially break off the marriage. Sources tell TMZ it's because Cannon is still in love with the mother of his children and that he doesn't want to see her marrying James Packer, which, if the divorce goes through, would likely happen in the near future. Carey is reportedly "frustrated and not flattered at all" by Cannon's stubborn devotion. One must think that she's ready to move into an arrangement that entitles her to some of that billionaire money. 

Cannon was recently in the headlines for challenging Eminem to a $100,000 rap battle, which also might suggest that he's still hurting over Mariah, or at least how Eminem went after her (and him) on the 2009 diss track "The Warning." It was thought that his beef with Shady had died down in recent years, though maybe he thinks he can win his wife back if he ethers one of the all-time greats in a high-profile rap-off.