Nick Cannon has ditched the turban, swapping the headgear for a fresh fade, but he hasn't lost touch with his "higher self." The comedian shared a video of a spoken word performance that is presented as an amalgamation of wisdom from a variety of spiritual and religious factions. His poetry refers to a few of the world's biggest, or rather most well-known, religions including Buddhism, Rastafari, Christianity, Islam. Peep the transcribed poem after the jump.

This content contrast Cannon's previous social media post, a snippet of a standup routine highlighting the reason why "white people are still at the top of our society." He shows some versatility in the ways in which he treats serious issues.

The full poem, as captioned:

No Drama (more dharma)
No Drama (more dharma)
Cosmic order my karma
Moorish my honor
More than my mama
Muhammad the Father
Taught us the Seal of the Prophets
Buddha the dhamma
Showed me the Four Truths of Nirvana
Hindu the Tantra
Beautiful views of our mantra
Jehovah-jireh Provider
Jehovah Rapha for liken to the waters of Marah
My power is in the love
Whether you long for Jesus or Allah
5 Percent of my knowledge of self 
My ancestors in bondage
Help me I’m drowning
Catch me I’m falling
Who Do I Love?
I guess that’s my problem
Who Do I Love?
I Guess That’s My Problem