Nick Cannon had some things to say about Kanye West and Kim Kardashian during Pusha T's battle with Drake. Some people wondering what might make his remarks credible. Turns out, Cannon is most likely the one who made The Wests happen in the first place.

He recalls the time he introduced his friend Kim to the music producer. They all linked up during a night out.

"There was one night when, you know, me and Kim was kicking it or whatever. And Me, Kim, and Paris Hilton went to a club [...] Lil Kim was there. And Kanye came to my table. And I was like, ' Yo, meet my chick, Kim.'"

Kim ultimately had to ask Nick Cannon about Yeezy a while later. She needed to confirm her future husband as a guest for an event she was planning for the television host.

"On my 26th birthday, Kim threw me a birthday party [...] and she invited him and all that, and he came through."

Cannon also takes a minute to comment on Kanye West's public persona. He believes the "Yeezus" artist brilliance is also part of his downfall, including the time he spoke about American slavery. 

"It's almost like a savant type of thing [...] There's genius creatively but that does not transfer over to intelligence [...] Because part of intelligence is being able to communicate well."  

"What he was trying to say [...] is that there is much more to Black people than slavery. Simple as that. Which I've said many times."