Normally, when you're Louis'd down from your head to toes, you can confidently admit that you're pretty fly. Nick Cannon's outfit at the MTV Movie & TV Awards was a giant flex but it was ultimately not a hit with his fans. Instead of going crazy over the rarity of his pieces, the comedian got clowned for his try-hard fit, even being compared to an LV garbage can by somebody.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Nick Cannon probably walked into the awards show feeling like a million bucks, and why shouldn't he? He's wearing a full outfit that not many would be able to pull off or even afford. Unfortunately though, if he takes a look at the comments on social media, his smile will turn to a frown instantly. The host of The Masked Singer was nominated for several awards at the MTV Movie & TV Awards this week but people were more preoccupied chatting about his Mortal Kombat inspired wardrobe choice. Wearing cargo shorts, a leather vest and a mask, Cannon ended up winning Best Host at the gig, being celebrated for his role on Wildn' Out. We're sure anybody battling on that program would be proud of the comments made about Cannon's clothes.

"You can stop wondering what Nick Cannon does with Mariah Carey's money now," said one fan, joking that it all goes on silly outfits like this. Others just said they were angry that he has so much money and still dressed like this. What do you think of the fit?