Recently, Dame Dash paid a visit to Nick Cannon on the latter's Cannon's Class podcast as the two men discussed a number of topics, including Aaliyah, R. Kelly and Jay-Z--the three components that have recently earned Dame another slot in the headline-making arena after he alleged that Jay-Z's decision to make a joint album with R. Kelly shortly after Aaliyah's death played a part in the dissolution of Roc-A-Fella Records.

It also marked an opportunity to bring up Foxy Brown, with Nick evoking the rapper and Jay-Z mentee. Being particular about his language, Cannon seemed to want to brush on Foxy's rumored relationship with Jay-Z while she was still underage. Dame appears to be defenisve about the subject, asserting that he had nothing to do with that without any attempt to defend Jay-Z.

50 Cent took umbrage with the exchange and posted a clip to Instagram , calling Dame a "sucker" and accusing him of "trying to get jay jammed up." Funk Flex joins in on 50's comments, stating that this particular episode features "2 grown men giggled like bitches." It didn't take long for Nick Cannon to offer a repsonse to Funk Flex, advising him to "go bigger little fella." 

Afterwards, Nick uploaded a screenshot of Flex DMing the Ncredible CEO, writing, "I'm gonna dedicate my energy directly to u." To that message Nick writes, "Streets is watching too tough guy!"

Image via Instagram