Nick Cannon might be able to teach a masterclass on Eminem with the amount of analysis he has on the Music To Be Murdered rapper. In his most recent sit down with Vlad TV, the two began with a discussion surrounding the feds finding drugs and guns on Lil Wayne's plane before shifting to Juice WRLD's death. 

Eminem Nick Cannon drug culture pills vlad tv juice wrld
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Eventually, the two treaded into the conversation of drug culture in hip-hop. Although rappers have talked about drugs for years, Nick Cannon and Vlad agreed Em was one of the first rappers to "push" pill-popping in the rap game. "In fact, his first CD had a drawing of pills being broken in half," Vlad added.

"I idolized Snoop. We smoke weed. All this pill poppin' generation -- I idolize E-40. We sell drugs, we don't take 'em," Cannon said. "I only know to place the blame on people who control the indoctrinated institutionalization. Someone has to bring this stuff to us. Someone has to glorify this stuff in order for us to do it. And only reason I'm saying that is because I believe it's our duty to shift it."

Nick Cannon, who 50 Cent recently dubbed "legendary corny," listed off a slew of things that should be deemed cool instead of the use of drugs, such as education, learning about stocks, and adopting a plant-based diet.

Peep the full interview below.