When he first announced the arrival of his forthcoming She Ball film, Nick Cannon faced a great deal of scrutiny due to his choice to bring on Chris Brown in the film, given varied public opinion on the singer in light of his storied past with domestic violence.

Nick would speak out against the crticism in support of Brown during a run-in with TMZ. "What about Sean Pean? They never hate on his past and the movies he did,” he noted. "It's definitely a double standard. They want to turn a black men into a monster any chance they can."

Now, it looks like Cannon is running into more trouble as TMZ recently reported that Nick Cannon and his production company are dealing with allegations of committing labor violations when they allegedly failed to pay eight individuals who were hired as part of the film's crew. According to documents obtained by the publication, the plaintiffs worked on staff as drivers, grips, and camera operators. They claim that they were not allotted their required breaks, meals, or compensated at all for their work, including overtime.

Nick Cannon has 33 days from the date of the letter to gets everything sorted until further action is taken. Let's hope he can get it together before the film's release, slated for some time in 2018.