A male police officer in New Boston, New Hampshire told a female rookie he wishes he could rape the women he pulls over, according to a new lawsuit. Alexandra Drake, the female police officer pursuing the lawsuit, was fired from the New Boston Police Department after she made a formal complaint against her supervisor Michael Masella. for "incessant sexism." She accuses the police department of suing her for “false, slanderous, and libelous allegations.”

In the lawsuit, Drake claims that Masella bragged to her during their traffic stops about having a "rapability" scale for female drivers, asking Drake if she believed one of the female drivers was "rapable." In addition to these despicable actions, Masella allegedly sexually harassed Drake herself, showing up to her home unannounced, asking her if she was naked, among other lewd remarks.

Masella has denied the allegations, stating that Alexandra Drake “manufactured” the claims “to explain her termination.” Drake is suing Masella, the New Boston police chief, and several New Boston town board members who approved her termination.