These days, championship sports rings are more accessible than you think. If professional sports players are pawning them or misplacing them, rings are often stolen, like the case of Steve Weatherford. The former punter for the New York Giants earned his NFL Super Bowl ring back in 2012, but he recently shared with his social media followers that someone swiped his mini-trophy from his car.

Steve Weatherford Super Bowl Ring
Jason Merritt / Staff / Getty Images

Taking to Instagram, Steve asked the public for help in returning his goods. "I'm hoping [John Mara, Giants owner] reads this, and has the kindness in his heart to ask [Tiffany & Co.] to dig up that glorious 2012 mold, make me a replacement Super Bowl ring to give to my son one day," Weatherford penned. He also added, "⁣P.S. Mr. Mara, I'm insured, I got the loot, I just need permission."

Weatherford also wrote that there was a string of break-ins in his neighborhood when his ring was taken. "I gave my ring to my wife the night before after speaking at an event, she put it in her purse, she left her ring her purse (in the car) and....⁣Well, if anyone sees a Super Bowl XLVI ring on eBay; with a name largely engraved on the side:⁣ WEATHERFORD (spelled like that:)⁣ Kindly text me," he wrote before leaving his phone number. 

No word on whether or not he has any leads, but keep an eye out just in case. He also wrote to the thief, "Mr. Neighborhood Robber man, I hope you tried that ring on, I hope it brings favor to your life, the same way it has for other people the past 6.5 years I’ve had possession of it. It wasn’t my hand that won it, but I’d like your hand to wear it. " Check out Steve Weatherford's Instagram post below.