The National Football League is making a slight change to prime time games next season, announcing earlier kickoff times for Thursday, Sunday and Monday night football games. Unfortunately for east coast football fans, you'll still have to stay up late if you want to catch the conclusion of those primetime matchups.

According to, Monday Night Football will now start at 8:15pm ET, which is just 15 minutes earlier than last season. Sunday Night Football has moved up from an 8:30pm ET kickoff to 8:20pm ET, and Thursday Night Football will also underway at 8:20pm ET, as opposed to 8:25pm ET.

The 2018 NFL schedule will be fully revealed tonight at 8:00pm ET, but you can expect some games to leak ahead of the official release. For instance, it is already being reported that the New York Jets and Detroit Lions will open the season on Monday Night Football.