NFL owners are constantly looking for ways to increase their profits and commissioner Roger Goodell is usually right there with them. According to a report from the Wall Street JournalGoodell and the rest of the owners are actually seriously considering an 18-game and have proposed the idea to the NFL Players Association. What's interesting about this idea is that it would put a limit on how many games each individual player can participate in. Based on the current proposal, there would be a 16-game limit per player which means teams would have to pick and choose which two games they want to sit players.

Of course, this would create a competitive imbalance at times as teams trying to get into the playoffs could be at risk of losing out because they have to sit a star player. The idea has already received quite a bit of skepticism from the NFLPA with president Eric Winston scoffing at the notion. 

As of right now, owners such as Robert Kraft of the New England Patriots and Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys have been at the forefront of the plan. The NFL thinks this new proposal will actually help the players because they will be able to get larger contracts from the increase in revenue while not having to worry about an uptick in injuries.

It doesn't appear as though this plan will be approved anytime soon.