During the Super Bowl on Sunday and even the NFC Championship game two weeks prior, Los Angeles Rams running back Todd Gurley was a bit of a non-factor. While he usually drives most of the team's offense, Gurley was relegated to the sidelines which had people speculating on whether or not he was injured. Despite Gurley continuously reassuring the media that he was fine, pundits have remained skeptical. One of those skeptics is NFL insider James Brown who spoke to TMZ where they asked about Gurley's struggles.

"I don't think we know the full story as far as Todd Gurley is concerned," Brown explained. "Sean McVay and the coaching staff understand everything that he can do and to the degree that he was an MVP candidate throughout most of the season, and he didn't get played that much during this stretch here. There's more to the story."

Based on James' answer alone, it's clear he feels as though there is something happening here that the Rams won't tell the media. Teams covering up injuries is nothing new in pro sports but considering just how big the Super Bowl is, it's surprising we don't have more information we do.

Gurley finished this season with 17 rushing touchdowns and 4 receiving TD's.