Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon has reportedly been accused of sexual harassment and sexual battery in a lawsuit filed by his former assistant, Wendy Haskell, who worked for his sports marketing firm. As a result of the lawsuit, Moon will take a leave of absence from his role on Seattle Seahawks radio broadcasts, according to ESPN.

The lawsuit alleges that Moon, 61, demanded that Haskell, "submit to a variety of unnerving sexual and perverse controlling arrangements, including sleeping in the same bed with him on all business trips, providing him unfettered access to the bathroom every time she showered, wearing skimpy lingerie while in the obligatory single room, obtaining prior approval for her wardrobe, and being subjected to continuous unwanted and unsolicited sexual advances."

Additionally the lawsuit claims that Moon drugged Haskell's drink during a business trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and that he admitted to doing it, because he thought she wasn't "having fun." On the same trip Haskell alleges that Moon pulled off here bathing suit while they were on the beach, despite her pleas with him to stop.

During a separate business trip to Seattle, Haskell alleges that Moon grabbed her crotch while she was sleeping.


"After rejecting another one of Moon's alleged sexual advances, Haskell said Moon wrote in an email to her the following day that if she wasn't comfortable with his demands, he would "find someone who doesn't have inhibitions about the job.""

Moon's attorney, Daniel Fears, issued the following statement today, per ESPN.

"Mr. Moon contends these claims are meritless, and he has every intention to vigorously defend himself in court."

Moon was named to nine Pro Bowl teams during his 17-year NFL career, which included seasons with the Houston Oilers, Minnesota Vikings, Seattle Seahawks and Kansas City Chiefs.