It's Draft Day, and NFL fans across the globe are hoping whoever their team selects does not end up on a list like this somewhere down the line.

With every John Elway or Peyton Manning there's a Ryan Leaf or a Tim Couch who sets a franchise back several years instead of helping them turn things around. Each year there are players who enter the NFL Draft with a ton of momentum and promise, only to fail miserably once they make it to the league. With so many QBs expected to be drafted early on in the 2018 NFL Draft, it's only reasonable to assume that one, or several, of them will never pan out.

There are a select few players in league history that never made it but don't necessarily deserve the "bust" title in my opinion. For instance, Robert Griffin III showed flashes of greatness during his rookie season, as he set rookie records for the highest passer rating and highest touchdown to interception ratio, but his career was derailed by a series of devastating injuries - not because he sucked. Or a guy like David Carr, who never stood a chance in the NFL because the Houston Texans' offensive line was historically inept and couldn't keep him upright.

For this list, we'll exclusively be looking at the worst players who were selected in the Top-5 over the last 20 years.