Chief Keef's shortened hologram performance last week wasn't the end of his hologram venture. It was just the beginning. 

Keef announced that he plans to hold another benefit concert via hologram in mid-September, this time broadcasting simultaneously at venues in Chicago, New York, & Los Angeles, reports Red Eye Chicago. He is partnering with producer Detail to put together an "all-star hip-hop lineup." Though they plan to perform at Madison Square Garden, a MSG rep said, "We are not involved in this in any way."

Alki David, who owns both Hologram USA & FilmOn, the label to which Keef is signed, insisted that his team was in legitimate talks with MSG. "The Madison Square Garden Co. is a powerful partner in this event. Plus we have the time, the means and the community support to fight back if [Chicago mayor] Rahm [Emanuel] is foolish enough to try to censor us again," he said via spokesperson.