Everyone has heard of (or met) the pizza deliveryman who doubles as a drug dealer by now. It’s a solid – albeit illegal – business model, killing two birds with one stone(r). A man in upstate New York took this storied drug dealing idea to the next level over the weekend: he was caught selling weed while delivering newspapers at 6am. A bit early for most smokers, but there's probably a market for some wake 'n bake services.

The weed was reportedly stashed in a stack of newspapers, likely on its way to a now-weedless client. Cops pulledDouglas Lukehart over for an undisclosed traffic violation, but police also reportedly received a tip about him. The Buffalo News released a statement distancing themselves from the enterprising deliveryman, clarifying he “was an independent contractor and not an employee of The News.” Naturally, the first outlet to report on the story was the paper the man was busted delivering.

The deliveryman has since been fired. He is 58, which explains a lot. If you’re 58 years old and still delivering newspapers, you probably need some supplemental income.