Some very idiotic and unprofessional NYPD officers disgraced their entire department last year. As seen in the viral video from 2018, Jazmine Headley was at a Brooklyn benefits office where there were no more chairs. She decided to sit on the floor with her 18-month-old baby. As the caption for the video states, a security guard came over to her and some type of tension was sparked. The guard called the cops, who showed up and treated the woman disgustingly. The video captures the moment the officers fight to rip the baby out of Headley's arms. 

According to the Associated PressHeadley sued the city alleging trauma and humiliation and was seeking an unspecified amount of money over the incident at the Brooklyn benefits office. She testified before city council who offered her a public apology. They also passed a bill aimed at improving how people are treated at benefits offices and making the system more transparent. On Friday, the Law Department decided to settle and pay the lawsuit. “Through her intelligence, bravery, and grace, Jazmine Headley turned the worst ordeal of her life — and of any parent’s — into an opportunity for change for the entire city," Headley's lawyers, Katherine Rosenfeld and Emma Freeman said in a statement.