A writer at the New York Post has once again bashed a hip-hop artist for his ventures outside of the genre. Phil Mushnick had previously called out Jay-Z for owning a portion of the Brooklyn Nets (back when he did), and suggested the team be called the "New York Ni**as" because of Hov's involvment. Now this same writer has called out 50 Cent for being a part of ESPN's NFL draft coverage this year.

Mushnick described the rapper as "offensive" when writing about ESPN's choice of incoportating Fif into their coverage of the NFL draft. Mushnick wrote, "Last year, even more than the year before that and the year before that, college and pro football were overwhelmed with criminals and by criminality. Or, as TV folks call it, 'distractions. Yet, the same men and women who report the arrests and the convictions while making 'tsk, tsk, tsk' have no better idea or instructions than to keep flooring it, sustaining the inescapable message that bad is good, but worse is even better."

Mushnick continued to complain about ESPN, taking a shot at Ray Lewis in-so doing. "ESPN, now the home of double-murder investigation obstructionist Ray Lewis, opened its NFL Draft show Thursday with vulgar, gay-bashing, women-trashing, assault weapon-cherishing, N-word-spouting gangsta rapper 50 Cent making threatening noises and gestures while boasting that he is one bad mother."

As HHDX reports, although Mushnick calls 50 a homophobe, he supported Frank Ocean's coming out last year.

What do you think of Mushnick's reporting?