According to The New York Times, New York is officially moving towards a ban on flavored e-cigarettes, which would make it the second state in the nation to do so after Michigan invoked a ban earlier this month. Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo announced today that he plans to take emergency action this week to facilitate a fast ban on the sale of the product. 

The issue of vaping is becoming a viral issue. There have been numerous reports of deaths and hospitalizations, and just days ago, President Trump made his plans clear to enact a similar ban on a federal level. Cuomo went as far as to call the issue a “health crisis.”

“Vaping is dangerous. Period,” Cuomo told the public in Manhattan today. “No one can say long-term use of vaping — where you’re inhaling steam and chemicals deep into your lungs — is healthy.” He went on to outline a plan where the state’s Public Health and Health Planning Council would work together with health commissioner, Dr. Howard Zucker to ban flavored e-cigarettes immediately.

With New York now taking action, in addition to the words of the President Donald Trump, it seems likely that other states will soon follow suit.