It appears the “holidaze” aren’t quite over yet for one lucky woman. On Wednesday, ABC affiliate KABC-TV reported a story that claimed a New York mother, named Pamela Marks, had received 7 pounds of marijuana at her front door step rather than the children toys she originally ordered online.

"I was able to smell it,” she told KABC-TV. “I knew something was up right away.”

Marks, who operates a blog about kid’s clothes and toys, said the package came from a Santa Monica toy company called JAKKS Pacific. “I think I've opened probably about 3,500 packages,” she said. "So one out of every 3,500 should be something strange, I guess.

Both the toy company & local authorities are currently investigating the matter, but who knows if they’ll even find out who’s responsible for the shipment.  

What would you do? Keep the package for yourself or go to the authorities with it? (It would be hella tempting is all I know)