Who would have thought that wearing masks in public would prove such a controversial issue? Yet here we stand, with the medical protection mask at risk of emblemizing caution to some people, freedom to others. With some stores facing defiance from shoppers unwilling to mask-up, some cases have even gone so far as to escalate into violence. Now, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is looking to put an end to that, at least where he holds sway. 

Today, Governor Cuomo announced that he was signing an executive order allowing businesses to prevent entry to those who refuse to wear masks. "Today I am signing an Executive Order authorizing businesses to deny entry to those who do not wear masks or face-coverings," he wrote, via Twitter. "No mask - No entry." He elaborated on his decision further, writing "People have a right to jeopardize their own health (I don’t recommend it). People don’t have a right to jeopardize other people’s health."

It's likely that the order will further intensify the divide between the pro-mask and the anti-mask crowds, the latter of whom have likened Cuomo's decision to tyranny. But while that camp can feel more vocal, there remain plenty of people who support Cuomo's decision to prioritize safety, especially given that the COVID-19 threat remains pressing. For those interested in hearing more about his latest executive order, you can check out his full press conference below -- a conference that includes words from New Yorkers Chris Rock and Rosie Perez, both of whom support the decision to make masks mandatory in shops.