NFL teams had been put on notice regarding Odell Beckham Jr's availability. Now it seems there inquiries have been met with a baseline trade demand. According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, if any team wants to deal for Beckham Jr they will have to offer up two first round picks at minimum. 

While the Giants have skirted around the issue of their demands publicly, they haven't exactly refuted the report either. It's obviously to their advantage that any contract negotiations or pending trade be dealt with covertly as to ensure the team's best interests. One thing remains certain, they didn't nip trade talks when they had the chance. We can deduce that much from their open stance. The Giants furthered their stance by suggesting that no one on their roster was untouchable. 

It was previously reported that Odell would not see the field without an extension to his current contract. while his conduct off the field has aroused suspicion, the Giants have been largely content with his work ethic and his competitive attitude.

Adam Schefter is an NFL insider with the respect of his peers, so his word is counted on. Any team looking to trade for Odell will be familiar with his terms, only serious suitors need apply.