Stephon Marbury has revealed a new line of Starbury sneakers, the Starbury Elite, which actually sync up to your iTunes library and light up as your music plays.

The former NBA All-Star noted that the new Starbury Elite sneakers took him seven months to complete and they'll initially come in three colorways "Blue Metallic," "Red Metallic," and "Water." The innovative light up sneakers will retail for the Starbury-friendly price of $49.99.

To use the sneaker's full capabilities, you'll have to also download the Starbury App which can be used to alter the color of the lights beneath your Starbury Elites.

According to Sports Illustrated;

"The iPhone app was developed by Shenzhen-based Heaton, and it can be paired with the Starbury Elite shoes via Bluetooth. The app has controls that can switch the lights on and off and change the color. The microphone enables music from a user’s library and also voice to control how the lights flash."

Check out the instructional video below, narrated by the man himself.