A few months ago, many of us were referring to R. Kelly as the reigning "King of R&B." While his talent is undeniable, the Surviving R. Kelly docu-series brought to light so many instances that prove his status as a sexual predator as well. The ensuing "Mute R. Kelly" movement has built a following of thousands with a good number of people willing to completely erase him from the history books. While women like Joycelyn Savage, Azriel Clary, and too many others will hopefully become free from his grips soon, lawyer Michael Avenatti claims that a new videotape exists that clearly shows the disgraced singer engaging in sexual acts with a minor.

The revelation begs a question: how many times do we need to see proof of R. Kelly assaulting an underage girl? The original urination video became a running joke for years until it finally became a serious matter again. Avenatti is famous for representing Stormy Daniels and according to him, a 45-minute tape exists that has never been broadcast before. It reportedly shows R. Kelly "engaging in multiple sexual assaults of a girl underage." The tape is now in possession of the Cook County state's attorney in Chicago.

George McGinn/Getty Images

Avenatti's statement reads: "We recently uncovered and recovered... a VHS videotape of Mr. Kelly engaging in multiple sexual assaults of a girl underage. The tape, which is clear, is approximately 45 minutes in length and has never previously been publicly disclosed or, until recently, provided to law enforcement."

As more information releases, we will update you.