Many Stephen King fans can agree on one thing - Pet Semetary stands as his most chilling work to date. A haunting and unforgiving tale about death and grief, Pet Semetary has been described by King himself as one of his spookiest. Those who have red the bleak tale likely remember some of the memorable moments: loon-like laughter from the woods, the "semetary" itself, and of course Zelda. Now, with a Stephen King cinematic renaissance at play, Pet Semetary has gained yet another trailer. 

Leigh Vogel/Getty Images

This time around, a teasing nature is shed in favor of something more concrete. Story details, including a few key departures, are revealed. John Lithgow, Jason Creed, and Amy Seimetz play a larger role in the macabre events, and while some details seem unfamiliar, fans can expect the core spirits of the novel to remain intact. Look for the scenes in which Louis and Jud take to the woods for a moment book-readers will surely appreciate.

Check out the trailer below, and sound off. Are ya'll excited for Pet Semetary to drop on April 5th?