If you follow football, than you know that the majority of the discussions this week have been about how the referees completely blew that pass interference call in the NFC Championship game between the Los Angeles Rams and the New Orleans Saints. The Rams went on to win the game 26-23 in overtime after being beneficiaries of the no call. The decision has prompted some Saints fans to protest the league and file a lawsuit. Even Saints players want the game to be replayed, which is an actual solution set out by the rule book.

Now, politicians are getting involved. While presenting to the Senate floor, Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy spoke about the NFC Championship game and how his constituents back home are extremely upset by the results. He even went as so far as to say that the referees seemingly had a pro-Rams agenda and that they should be questioned in front of the Senate.

"The State of Louisiana is outraged because of what happened in the Superdome last Sunday," Cassidy explained in the video courtesy of TMZ. "To the folks back home, it is something which continues to disturb them."

The Senator believes the NFL should have a little more integrity because of how big the company is to Americans.

Had the Saints won, they would have played the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl.