Anthony Davis has dominated the NBA headlines as of late thanks to his very public trade request out of New Orleans. The Pelicans star was never moved at the deadline and it ultimately led to the firing of Dell Demps. Well, in the wake of it all, the Pelicans were reportedly told by the NBA that they have to play Davis or they could risk being fined by the league. Although, it appears as though the team isn't too interested in doing that and would rather protect their trade asset.

Per the Times' Marc Stein:

There were strong signals in Charlotte that the Pelicans - with Danny Ferry now serving as their acting general manager in the wake of Friday's firing of Dell Demps - intend to re-engage the N.B.A. this week in hopes of convincing league officials to rethink their stance about forcing them to play Davis.

The N.B.A. Players Association would presumably get involved if New Orleans is successful, but I'd advise the Pelicans to hold firm. Take any fine that comes. The team has played better, scrappier ball without Davis anyway - and heaven forbid he suffers a serious injury in the regular season's dog days.

It's unlikely the NBA will give in to the Pelicans considering the rules are pretty strong on matters such as this but the situation is starting to get into uncharted territory so there is no telling what might happen here.

The Pelicans are having a weak season, as they are ranked 13th in the Western Conference with a record of 26-33.