New Orleans Pelicans center Jaxson Hayes has been arrested and hospitalized following an alleged altercation with police earlier today. According to TMZ, law enforcement officers were called into a home in the Los Angeles area early Wednesday morning for a domestic disturbance. When police arrived and attempted to check on the involved parties, Hayes, the 21-year-old player and eighth overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft, tried very hard to keep police from entering the premises.

The 6'11", third-year player for the Pelicans wound up getting combative with authorities and a fight broke out between the two, allegedly intense enough to the point for the officers involved to put out a radio call asking for more officer assistance at the scene. According to further reporting from TMZ, Hayes was also tased by police in the altercation.

Hayes is said to be taken to a nearby hospital for treatment on minor injuries, while an officer involved in the altercation has also sought treatment for injuries sustained during the bout, but the seriousness of their condition is unknown. Hayes has been radio silent since news of the incident broke. If it comes to light that Hayes actually hurt an officer to the point of requiring hospitalization, or if bodycam footage is presented by police, then things might not be looking so good legal-wise for the young NBA player. 

The former Texas Longhorn is expected to be booked and charged for felony battery on a police officer as a result of the altercation that took place this morning. Authorities are still in the process of investigating the domestic incident that prompted the initial call, but Hayes' actions, along with uncooperative parties on both ends, have made the investigation difficult.

We will have more information on the situation as it is made available so be sure to check back soon.