We’re only two weeks into 2019 and many of us are already experiencing drainage in energy expenditure. Luckily, entertainment-platforms such as Netflix are around to ensure we can fully enjoy the limited moments of relaxation we do get. Amongst serving delicious snacks and providing comfortable pillows, an essential rule of Netflix etiquette involves sharing whenever new and recommended content is made available. As such, here is a list of ten upcoming, or recently released, Netflix Originals sure to keep you binging and enjoying this weekend to the fullest.


This 2018-series centers on the adventures of four young heroes, based on DC Comics' Teen Titans. In the spotlight stands Richard Grayson, once known as Batman’s “Robin”, a legendary sidekick now looking to step out of his mentor’s shadow. Following closely with enchanting firey-red locks is Kory Anders, or “Starfire”, a powerful ally in search of the missing fragments from her forgotten past. To find them, she must rely on help from Rachel Roth, or “Raven”. Things might get tricky, however, as Roth, a youthful empath and daughter to demons struggles to maintain control over her emotion-fueled powers. Lastly is Garfield Logan also known as “Beast Boy”, a green-haired shapeshifting master and former “Doom Patrol” comrade now battling alongside the team.

DC comic fans and superhero lovers alike will crunch through eleven episodes of this kickass, live-action series while enjoying the slightly comedic, gritty and action-packed chronicles of four equally-intriguing, troubled youth looking for their purpose and space in the world. 


This adventure-drama recaptures the classic tale of the jungle. Herein is told the story of a boy unlike any other: Mowgli, a human boy (or “man-cub”) left to the care of a pack of Indian wolves after being left in the jungle following an unforeseen separation from his parents. As the boy grows, he discovers the obvious differences between himself and the other animals, which brings forth painful truths and questioning surrounding his origins. 

Furthermore, when Mowgli is granted the opportunity to once more reside amongst humans, the experience holds potential for corruption or salvation, much to the detriment of his jungle peers. A captivating story, exploring elements of acceptance, difference, love and friendship, Mowgli is the tear-jerker and adventure tale for your inner child to enjoy this weekend.


Perhaps a political thriller and British drama featuring Game Of Thrones actor Richard Madden (King in the North) is what you need to get some action into your weekend. Bodyguard tells the fictional tale of police officer and army-vet, David Budd. Now assigned to new duties as a specialist protection officer, his main task consist of ensuring the protection of Home Secretary and Conservative Member of Parliament, Julia Montague, an ambitious and driven woman whose political stance is the antithesis of his own.

Through neutralizing potential terrorists’ threats, keeping a tight lid on his severe post-war PTSD, and caring for his two young children, Budd’s rigorous journey is encapsulated in a six-episode season of action, drama, suspense, and sticky politics.


Another British series, Sex Education is the comedic relief needed to decompress after a busy week. Socially awkward Otis battles with the usual challenges experienced by typical high-school teenagers: grades, friends, relationships and sex. Unlike most teenagers, however, Otis' mother is a sex therapist and her constant intrusions into her son’s sex life pose as one of his many problems.

Though inspired by his mother’s open and sex-positive lifestyle, the young boy decides to partner up with social outcast Maeve and his gay-best friend Eric to take on a secret “sex-clinic” which invites fellow classmates to share their odd and amusing sexual problems. This coming-of-age story with a twist is not only hilarious and addictive, but also serves as a reminder that sexual problems are normal, kind-of hilarious and worthy of open discussion.


With the recent legalization of marijuana across state lines, business is booming and competition is fiercer than ever. The latter may bring one to ponder the cost people are willing to pay to save their assets and maintain an edge. The late-2018 Netflix release Murder Mountain is a true-crime documentary series set to explore Humboldt County, North Carolina’s local marijuana industry and its relation to numerous unsolved murders and disappearances in the past few years.

One such case is the still unsolved and mysterious death of cannabis farmer Garret Rodriguez who was shot, buried, and discovered by local authorities. The documentary’s dark and poignant take on the cited turn-of-events are vividly recreated using actors, with scenes sure to send immediate chills down its viewers’ spine. Step into the mind of a detective with this suspenseful mini docuseries offering six episodes of intrigue for lovers of true-crime and curious souls alike.


2019 is starting right with the second season of Friends From College starring Keegan-Michael Key (of Key And Peele). The comedic Netflix original follows the lives of Harvard alumnus and close friends, Ethan, Lisa, Max, Sam, Nick, and Marianne, as they navigate the daily intricacies of their professional and personal lives in their forties.

The chronicles of the inseparable group explore their respective journeys through hilarious misadventures, clumsy interrelationships, and awkward professional mishaps. Set in the vibrant NYC with equally vibrant characters, Friends From College is the slightly addictive and slapstick series you end up binge watching in one-go without even realizing it.



Fyre Media’s “Fyre Festival" made quite the headlines in 2017. The two-weekend festival, set to take place on a secluded Bahamian island, ran a vigorous advertisement campaign promoting the event as a luxurious and unforgettable experience—hence attracting thousands of customers to purchase tickets. In its inauguration week, patrons were quickly served with a dose of reality which differed greatly from what festival celebrity sponsors Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid promoted.

Lack of suitable accommodation, food, security and false advertisement amongst several other legal issues became central to the myriad lawsuits brought against festival organizers Billy McFarland of Fyre Media and Jeffrey Atkins, a.k.a, Ja Rule. Eight lawsuits, prison sentencing and more than $100 million in damages later, Netflix has decided to retell the story thoroughly with the docuseries Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened.


This Marvel Comics’ action-packed series follows vigilante-justice warrior Frank Castle a.k.a “The Punisher” as he battles criminality by any means necessary—and by this, we mean murder, kidnapping, coercion, and torture. Differing from the usual Marvel output, the fuming character, forsaken and driven by the deaths of his wife and two children at the hands of the blood-and-power hungry “mob,” leads a life dependent on the sole aim of seeking revenge on behalf of those who can't.

In the brand new season, our ruthless antihero considers once more his role as “The Punisher” after saving a life on the brink of death. A no-brainer for Marvel Comics lovers, fans of superhero and fantastic tales, but also suckers for justice, “The Punisher” is an invigorating story admonishing the essence of revenge as a dish best served cold.


This British film is an adrenaline-fueled and female-led narrative, centering on Sam, a counter-terrorism expert with sharp gun-yielding skills. As it happens, Sam has recently been assigned with the duty of protecting a young and sheltered heiress. An attempted kidnapping on her subject will lead the two on a wild race across borders to escape the forces threatening both of their lives. Will battle-ready bodyguard Sam successfully protect the fragile heiress from the danger to come? You’ll have to tune in this weekend and find out.


Rapper and activist Killer Mike tackles on issues of varying nature on his upcoming Netflix special Trigger Warning With Killer Mike set to release on January 18th. When it comes to social issues affecting minorities on the daily, from systematic racism to social inequality, Killer Mike has never been the one to shy away from speaking his truth.

In Trigger Warning, the rapper will “explore the human condition using nontraditional approaches. Not everyone will agree with my methods (and some of what we’re putting out is fucking crazy), but this show is about embracing your freedom to challenge societal expectations and conformity." Hence, if you’re looking to get to the nitty-gritty of things with Killer Mike this weekend, perhaps ruffle some feathers here and there, this special may be exactly what you’re looking for.