Netflix just dropped a trailer for it’s newest series, Welcome to The I-Land. The seven-episode show looks like Fyre Festival, if only it were set in the universe of Black Mirror. The trailer almost resembles the original promotional videos for the disastrous festival exactly with it’s scantily clad partiers, booming electronic music and paradise vibe. 

Of course, everything is not as it seems; things are about to take a dark turn for these crazy kids (much like the actual Fyre Festival). As the music grows louder, chaos ensues. “HELP” is written out in the sand, a woman screams as she stares at what remains of her bloodied fingers, it certainly seems rough for these vacationers. The cast includes Natalie Martinez and Kate Bosworth. 

Comments under the trailer show mixed reactions from fans. The top comment reads, “this looks really good and really bad at the same time lol.” Many others decided to make jokes, “Fyre Festival 2030 looking pretty damn lit!!!” one user wrote. “Should have read the Trip Advisor reviews,” said another. The description for the video leaves the show’s premise ominous, “You were chosen for a reason. Paradise awaits.”

You’ll be able to stream Welcome to The I-Land on Netflix on September 12th.