It's been a while since we heard any crazy stories happening involving fertility clinics, the last one we reported was the insane incident in 2016, whereby a fertility doctor in Marion County, Indiana named Donald Cline had secretly inseminated 50 of his female patients with his own semen. Though we don't hear of them though, you can be sure that strange things sometimes end up going down in fertility clinics, but with a whole life being contained within a petri dish, it's no surprise that sometimes mistakes can happen. The most recent of said mistakes, was reported by CNN, and detailed a mother giving birth to twin boys, not only not related to her but also not related to one another.

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According to the lawsuit report, the Asian mother gave birth to two non-Asian babies, and each child ended up being a genetic match to two different couples, that were also clients at the fertility clinic. If that wasn't bad enough, upon the realization, the Asian couple was also forced to give up the babies to their biological parents. The couple, who remain unnamed, live in Flushing, New York, and have been married since 2012. After facing continuous issued when trying to conceiving a child, they decided to try to have a child through in vitro fertilization (IVF) with a clinic based out of LA, called CHA Fertility, reportedly spending more than $100,000 for their services. In early 2018, the company collected sperm and eggs from the couple in early 2018, which they then formed into five euploid embryos - four of which were female. This detail made it so that the couple instantly thought it strange when the sonogram revealed the babies' genders as both boys. The baby twins were confirmed to be genetically linked to two different families after the mother gave birth, and they were subsequently taken away and returned to their families. The lawsuit was filed on July 1st, and claims that the plaintiffs have suffered "physical and emotional harm and accuse the defendants of medical malpractice, negligence and 14 other counts," meanwhile, the couple still doesn't know what exactly happened to their two embryos that were supposed to be transferred to A.P.