We reported a couple of months ago that the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Mobile game would be coming soon, and now it's just on the verge of arriving, as The Verge reports that it will be launched this Friday. The new AR game from Pokémon Go developers Niantic, will start its univeral roll out this Friday the 21st, according to an official tweet, which included a launch trailer to go with it.

It is important to note that Pokémon Go took an unusually long time to launch in certain countries - like Japan for example - so you shouldn’t necessarily mark it down on your calenders just yet. The game previously launched in beta in Australia and New Zealand, and thought it’s unclear how long it’ll take to reach a more global audience, the choice of words for Niantic’s tweet simply says the worldwide launch will begin on June 21st and says to watch for more information “as the game goes live in your region soon.” 

From what we gather from The VergeWizards Unite is similar to Pokémon Go but with more mechanical complexity. This might mean that the game will not prove as broadly mainstream as the concept that “catch all the pokémon” proved to be in that galvanizing summer of '16 - which we will longer speak of, thank you very much. It’s pretty safe to say that it's going to have a ton of players from the first day it's launched, however, and will be a major competitor in a year that’s turning out to have more heavyweight AR games than ever, such as Dragon Quest and Minecraft.