Disney is reaching back into their vault and remaking almost everything they can as a live-action feature film. Among the long list of movies that include The Lion King, Aladdin, and Jungle Book, Disney is releasing a Dumbo remake. The first official trailer for the film has hit the internet, and it's not as dark as you would expect a Tim Burton directed movie to be. 

The original Dumbo film may not survive in today's social climate since circuses are widely viewed as a horrible place for animals. In the original, Dumbo is separated from his mother and becomes a laughing stock because of his ears. Those elements appear to remain intact in the new trailer, although it does look like liberating Dumbo from the circus is also a part of the plot. In the trailer, circus owner Max Medici hires someone to help look after an elephant that is abnormal. The trainer's children become the young Dumbo's friends, and the adventure begins. It appears a rich tycoon will be the main villain attempting to make millions off Dumbo's ears. 

Dumbo stars Michael Keaton, Eva Green, Colin Farrell, and Danny DeVito, and it touches down in theaters on March 29, 2019. Check out the trailer below.