The last we heard a solo cut from Drizzy was back in June when he went from 0 to 100 real quick over an iconic instrumental from Boi-1da, 40, and Nineteen85. Today, YMCMB's golden child returns with "How About Now," a fresh drop uncovered by those computer savvy hip-hop heads over at Reddit. The track is speculated to appear on Drake's upcoming Views From The 6, although it seems just as likely to be a leftover from Nothing Was The Same.

Fader reports that a seventeen-year-old SoundCloud user from Marietta, Georgia, posted the track, claiming that it's an "exclusive leak" off Drizzy's new album. How a high schooler in Georgia could get their hands on something this big remains a mystery.

Check out the track and let us know what you think. Boi-1da, while unconfirmed, is being reported as the man behind the instrumental.

[via MTV]

[Update: track now in songs section]

To stream "How About Now," click here.