A few weeks back the internet got up in arms when it was revealed that Disney star Zendaya Coleman would be playing Aaliyah in the forthcoming Lifetime movie about her life. Everyone seemed to have an opinion on the matter, and although Zendaya originally defended herself and explained why she was perfect for the role, she later decided to drop out, because Aaliyah's family wasn't on board with the biopic.

Thus Lifetime was left to look for a new actress to play the role of Baby Girl, and today it looks like they've landed their next star. It's being reported that Alexandra Shipp (a Nickelodeon actress this time around) has been cast as Aaliyah. The 23-year old starred in the Nickelodeon TV show "House of Anubis." She also makes an appearance in season two of "Ray Donovan" (watch the season premiere). 

Along with the new actress, Wendy Williams has been tapped as an executive producer of the film. We'll keep you updated as the movie production and roll out continues. 

Does Alexandra Shipp seem like a better fit than Zendaya Coleman? Check out photos of Shipp in the gallery above.

[Update: Missy Elliott and Timbaland Roles Cast]

No Aaliyah biopic would be complete without Timbaland, her producing partner in crime, and Missy Elliott. The Wrap now reports that the actors Chattrisse Dolabaille and Izaak Smith have been cast to fill the roles. 

Dolabile is new to Hollywood, but has acted in some Canadian films and TV shows. Smith was on "So You Think You Can Dance Canada," and had a role in “Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief.” 

The working title of the film is “Aaliyah: Princess of R&B,” and The Wrap adds that:

"In addition to Dolabaille and Smith, the production has cast Rachael Crawford and Sterling Jarvis as Aaliyah's parents Diane and Michael Haughton; Lyriq Bent as her uncle and president of her label, Barry Hankerson; Anthony Grant as Damon Dash; and A.J. Saudin and Jesse Sukunda will play the older and younger version of Aaliyah's brother Rashad, respectively."

View pictures of Chattrisse Dolabaille and Izaak Smith in the gallery above.