Heading into this season, it was quite clear that the Brooklyn Nets would be a better team than the New York Knicks. The Knicks have been an abysmal franchise for decades and when they lost out on Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, it was clear that they would be in for a rough season. Last night, things got a lot weirder as there was a dispute between superfan Spike Lee and management. The dispute was carried over into today when the Knicks posted a photo of Lee shaking hands with owner James Dolan.

Not ones to pass up a good trolling opportunity, the Brooklyn Nets took to Twitter where they posted a photo of Kevin Durant shaking Spike Lee's hand. The caption said "what's this about a handshake photo?" which must have sent Knicks fans and their owner into a tizzy.

Image via Twitter

Unfortunately, the Nets deleted the post and now, all we have is a screenshot. It's a pretty sad state of affairs when you consider how perfect of a shot it is. We don't know why the Nets deleted the post although it's probably because they didn't want any sort of public relations disaster to follow suit. 

While the deletion is sad, at least we will forever be left with the memories of what we had.