Just yesterday we posted on the roster of movies and series set to hit Netflix for the short month of February. Among the lists of anticipated drops was the Netflix Original Seven Seconds

The show follows a mother, played by Regina King, whose son gets run over by a car and was left to die. As the trailer depicts, her son was actually struck by a police officer and his death was covered up - or so they thought. The two-minute trailer touches on the real-life killings of innocent black men in the recent years and how the media goes about reporting on the tragedies.

"My son laid in the cold in pain for hours, and whoever did this is free," Regina's character says in the trailer. Russell Hornsby, who plays her husband says: "The only one who might ever know [what happened] is God," Regina fires back, "God didn't run my son down in the street and leave him to die. A man did that."

The 10-episode series will hit Netflix on February 23rd. Check out the trailer and let us know what you think.