Netflix already has a number of successful original shows. The streaming service has taken a hold of the coveted millennial generation, who have almost unanimously decided to back out of cable. Netflix adapted the video game Castlevania last year into a cartoon series, and it was a surprise hit. The mix of horror and sci-fi meshed well with the dark style of the cartoon, and the relatively obscure video game (the series has lost popularity in the last decade) found new life. 

The series follows Trevor Belmont, a monster hunter who must protect civilians from the wrath of Dracula. The famous vampire king is in anguish after his wife is burned at the stake for being falsely accused of witchcraft, and Belmont is the only person standing in the way of Dracula's revenge on mankind. Warren Ellis, who writes for the series, took to Twitter to announce the launch date of the second season of Castlevania. As expected, the show will begin its second season near Halloween. "CASTLEVANIA Season 2. Eight episodes. OCTOBER 26, only on Netflix," he announced in a tweet. Along with his announcement, the show's twitter also posted some new pics from the upcoming season.