A sequel to Black Mirror is coming together sooner than expected in an interesting way that will continue storylines from past episodes. The new book Inside Black Mirror reveals details about the plans of the show from the series creator Charlie Brooker. A proposed plan is to have certain episodes such as "White Bear" come back again with more on the lead character. 

That particular episode followed character Victoria as she relived the punishment of being involved in a child's murder. The new episode would be dubbed "Return to White Bear" and would revolve around a never-ending punishment in Victoria's life, Complex reports. "That was something we discussed at the time, as a potential expansion of the story," Charlie wrote. "What if she becomes aware that this is going on, and starts rebelling against it?"

Another episode with future potential was the beloved "San Junipero." 

"I wouldn't necessarily want to revisit those characters, because we're very happy with where they ended up and their story," Charlie added. "But that's not to say that we couldn't revisit that world, if there was a compelling reason to do so."

Charlie detailed how fans can expect more compilation episodes filled with several short stories such as "Black Museum." The new season is expected to arrive early next year.