Over the last few years, sneaker culture has turned into a mad dash for anything that is considered "hype" in the hopes of then being able to resell your kicks for an inflated price dictated by the after market value. While many old heads hate this new trend, there is no denying that for now, it is here to stay, until sneaker companies start producing more pairs. Regardless, sneakers and reselling has become a corner of the market that continues to get more coverage in the press and in pop culture.

Perhaps the best example of this is the brand new Netflix comedy series called "Sneakerheads." Today, Netflix dropped the official trailer to the shoe, which displays a main character named Devin, who finds himself getting back into the sneaker game as he looks to secure a rare pair of shoes.

The trailer takes you through retail stores like Flight Club, which have become synonymous with the culture at this point. Based on the show's premise, it seems as though Netflix is trying to give viewers insight into the minds of sneakerheads, albeit, in a humorous way.

For those interested in watching this new series, it will be available to stream as of Friday, September 25th.