Netflix will likely not stop killing it in 2018. The streaming TV and movie giant is fresh off the release of a double-whammy Dave Chappelle special just yesterday, and they've also revealed that the classic Godfather trilogy will be added to their repertoire in 2018, and of course, users are still streaming the Will Smith-starring Bright in hoards; it's safe to say Netflix has given you a wealth of reasons to not ever leave your home/couch this winter. 

Today Netflix has dropped off a trailer for an upcoming addition to the platform, The End of the F**king World, which is based off the popular graphic novel by Charles S. Forsman. Season one of the mini-series is set to be added to American's Netflix catalogue on January 5th. It already debuted overseas back in October.

The series documents a not-so-normal "boy meets girl tale," centering around James, who claims to be a psychopath from the outset of the trailer. From there, he finds a girl, and is on a mission to kill her, while she may be in love with him.

Check out the trailer below and let us know if this'll be adding to your play queue.