Marvel fans will soon get to watch the anticipated action-packed series The Punisher as the second trailer and release date has just been revealed. The series that follows Frank Castle, who uses lethal weapons to fight crime, will air its 13-episode season-one on November 17th, on Netflix. 

In the latest promo for the show, we see some of the trials and tribulations that Frank goes through as he discovers the truth about injustices that has affected his family, as well as a tease to a possible potential betrayal by the government. Watch below.

The show was supposed to have a surprise drop on Netflix some time ago but it was cancelled, as well as its Comic-Con appearance, amid the tragic Las Vegas shooting that took place on October 1st. Because the series has such heavy gun usage, both Marvel and Netflix decided it would be in everyone's best interest to try to not shed any light on rifle usage. 

"We are stunned and saddened by this week's senseless act in Las Vegas. After careful consideration, Netflix and Marvel have decided it wouldn't be appropriate for Marvel's The Punisher to participate in New York Comic Con. Our thoughts continue to be with the victims and those affected by this tragedy," the statement read.  

Netflix already has Marvel flicks on its platform such as The Defenders and Luke Cage, making The Punisher the next ultimate binge-watch series for the millions of members. In a recent press release, the streaming platform revealed it will be releasing 80 original films to its already existing content. The company will be upping its budget to approximately $8 billion dollars, from 2017's previous budget of $6 billion. 

Netflix also released its top 20 list of most binge-watched series with shows like "Orange Is The New Black," "The Seven Deadly Sins," "Stranger Things," "Atypical," "Love," and "Glow" making the countdown. 

“There’s a unique satisfaction that comes from being the first to finish a story -- whether it's the final page of a book or the last, climactic moments of your favorite TV show." Brian Wright, Vice President of Original Series said. “Netflix allows you to watch in a way you never could before, and there's nothing better than seeing a show engage our members and ignite a passion for viewing.”