Among the many show announcements Netflix made yesterday was their TV series adaptation of the independent film Dear White People. While the trailer’s subject matter (is it okay for white people to dress in blackface?) seems pretty straightforward and uncontroversial (of course not), many people were still furious that the show even existed. In a similar move to the #DeleteUber campaign, many people began to support a movement to boycott Netflix.

For every controversy there’s an equal backlash, so for all the people criticizing the streaming service there were an equal number supporting the show’s premise and Netflix. The entire discussion was as partisan and racial as possible, with one side using the hashtag #WhiteGenocide and the other referencing the now-common “white tears.”

We recommend holding judgement until actually seeing the show, but since this is the internet here are a bunch of people with fully-formed opinions based on a 35-second trailer. Watch it here and let us know what you think. The show releases on April 28. The trailer currently has over 100,000 dislikes on YouTube to only 7,000 likes.