I've never been a fan of the popular series Friends and honestly, I'm never going to be but I do get the annoyance of having your favorite movie or series pulled from a network or streaming service. Netflix is dealing with some serious backlash after they announced that the 90's sitcom that follows a group of friends living their lives will be pulled from the platform in January. 

According to DeciderFriends will be gone as of January 1st, 2019 and fans have taken to Twitter with all kinds of sentiments. "Friend is officially leaving Netflix on January 1st I am cancelling my subscription you guys are the worst @netflix," one user wrote, while another added: "Ok so friends is leaving Netflix next month and I just started season 7. It’s gonna be a busy December."

As many know, the show follows three men and women who start off as best friends (while some end up dating) as they all deal with the trials and tribulations of finding a job, maintaining a relationship and more in New York City. Netflix has been recycling lots of material and bringing in even more Originals so the move to eliminate the popular show must mean more fresh content is coming. 

Check out more (dramatic) reactions below.