The long list of Netflix originals continues to grow. What started out as a DVD delivering service has grown to become one of the most powerful entertainment outlets in the world. The streaming giant started pushing out original content with House of Cards years ago, and they haven't looked back since. I know, it takes countless minutes to dig through the Netflix catalog. Although their algorithms can predict what shows and movies you may want to see next, they aren't always on point. We got you.

This will be a docile weekend, before Thanksgiving and Black Friday turn families into food filled shopaholics. That means, you have one weekend to yourself before your cousins, aunts, and grandparents ask if you're married with kids yet, although you're only in your mid-20s. Let's get the thought of intrusive family and long lines for electronics out of our minds though. Netflix has a great list of original content that you can binge this weekend. Chris Pine and Aaron Taylor-Johnson step out of the comic book world and into the past with Outlaw King, an epic historical drama. The Holiday Calendar is a dope movie for those who may be itching to get into the holiday spirit. If historical dramas and holiday movies aren't your thing, don't worry. We've got a varied list of Netflix Originals for you below, check them out.