Since it's release just before the holidays, Netflix's buddy cop drama Bright has been an increasingly divisive topic of conversation in the world of film. Generally panned by critics, audiences rebelled against this negative point of view, showing a groundswell of support for the movie based on its entertainment value and, as it's been described by many, a dope soundtrack. The streaming giant has paid attention to this reaction and rewarded the Will Smith vehicle by officially confirming a sequel to be in the works.

In a video that was shared by their Twitter account, Netflix showed fans a behind-the-scenes look at some orc audition tapes, with the prospective actors clearly inexperienced but really stoked to get the opportunity to showcase their talents on camera. It came with the following caption: "ANNOUNCEMENT: Orc auditions for the sequel are now closed. Thank you. Have a nice day." You can check out the funny clip below.

With the sequel being made official by Netflix, there's no telling what direction the next chapter in the Bright will take. Certainly, the production team will be focused on giving fans much of the same in terms of look and feel, but there's also the chance that they'll use the sequel to respond to the critical backlash and combat the perception that the film was home to, as Chance the Rapper put it, "allegorical racism." Whichever way the chips fall, the follow-up to this much-talked about piece of cinema will surely be worth the stream.

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