The days of reviewing your favourite shows on Netflix are numbered. The feature, which has been available on the Netflix website but not the apps, will be shutting down in stages. First, users will be unable to post any new reviews as of the 30th of July and then sometime in August, the company will retroactively delete all the reviews that have already been written. 

Those looking for a little guidance or curation in their streaming experience will be disappointed to learn that the only advice they'll get will be a thumb pointing up or, alternatively, a thumb pointing down. Netflix is generally simplifying and streamlining the streaming experience, while complicating their payment plans. 

A spokeswoman for Netflix, Smita Saran, said of the reviews "this feature is only offered on the website and has seen declining usage over time" while the thumbs up or down buttons are much more popular. Netflix will also be reaching out to those members who have used the feature recently to let them know that it's getting cut form the platform, giving them some time to grieve. 

This news comes only a couple days after Netflix was named the #1 choice for TV viewing, with 27% of a sample of Americans choosing Netflix over cable, YouTube or any other streaming service. It's likely that the decision to drop reviews will not affect the site's dominance in any way.