Do you remember those childhood books that allowed you to pick your own story? For example, Animorphs had a spin-off series where after a major plot point occurred the reader was asked to pick an answer out of a group. Each answer instructed the reader to go to a different page, which resulted in alternate endings. Video games have used this same method to open up sprawling stories that last for endless hours. It appears that Netflix is planning to do the same thing. 

According to a report from BloombergNetflix's anthology series Black Mirror will be getting the "choose your own ending" function first. Anonymous sources tell Bloomberg that Netflix has an entire slate of shows they plan on implementing into their new focus, which increases replay value exponentially. How many times would you watch a Netflix original like Bright or Stranger Things if you could go back and choose different paths in each episode? It would be like living in a story, which is the next form of entertainment (think projectors, virtual reality, etc.). 

Currently, Netflix has a children's show called Puss in Book that uses the "choose your own ending" function. The small cat from the Shrek series stars in a small adventure where children can make simple choices.