Millions of people across the world are self-isolating themselves right now because of the coronavirus outbreak, but thankfully there’s always Netflix to keep us entertained while we’re bored at home. If you didn’t know, the streaming giant now has a “Netflix Party” Google extension which allows you to watch the same show along with your friends.

The extension, which is called “Netflix Party,” lets you watch the same Netflix shows at the same time as all of your friends and adds a group chat to the screen so that even when you’re in isolation you can still feel as though you’re all watching together. The extension has been around for years, but it’s currently surging in popularity due to the pandemic, and it recently received an update that added seven extra servers, Business Insider reports.

How it works is that one person picks a program to stream, and they can then send a link to friends (who must also have the extension) to “invite” them to watch at the same time. Additionally, the extension lets users type messages to each another while watching their show as well.

So if you’re stuck at home for the next couple weeks, be sure to give this a try if you’re wanting to watch some shows with your friends.