Netflix's breakout hit Stranger Things wasted little time in becoming a beloved franchise, and the upcoming third season may very well the most ambitious drop yet. Now, Netflix is looking to expand the scope of the Stranger Things brand, bringing forth the 16-bit, retro-inspired Stranger Things 3: The GameThe game is set to arrive in July in tandem with the new season, and will likely mirror the latest events of the series. 

While it might be considered a mere cash grab under lesser hands, Netflix appears to be taking this one seriously. Teaming with BonusXP, Stranger Things 3 features both single player and cooperative experiences, as well as a wide release on Switch, Xbox One, PS4, Mac, PC, and iOS. Should you be intrigued at what's in store, check out the official trailer below. Though it's unclear who will be playable, it looks to include scenes with Dustin, Billy, a bat-wielding Mike, Hopper, Joyce and Steve - all of which feature in the recent season 3 trailer. 

Check out the game's teaser below, and sound off. This something you might be interested in binging?